Ghost Stories/Your Stories

Featured on "THE HAUNTED" (Animal Planet Channel) 2011


Yes, we're haunted!

The floorboards creak and sometimes we hear voices upstairs when no one is there! The staff and a few locals can certainly tell many stories of late night encounters and bizarre technical issues that have happened at Sengelmann Hall. Here's a couple of ghost stories for ya:

Late Night in the Kitchen

One late night Manny Velasquez was in the kitchen turning off the lights so he could head home. As he approached the stove area, he could hear someone sharpening knives. He stopped dead in his tracks and listened. There was no mistaking the sound. He shouted out, “Hey! Who's there?” No answer. A week later, Manny was walking through the dark kitchen after turning off all of the lights when all of a sudden, he witnessed a large, male, white figure walking around in the back of the room. He had thought it might be one of his colleagues still wearing their chef coats, but then realized, he was the only one there. The way Manny tells it, "it looked like the man was decked out in his best white shirt and tails." We think he might have been on his way to the dance hall!

Men Arguing in the Dance Hall

One night when the Hall was still undergoing renovation, Kenny Kopecky was downstairs locking up when he heard several men fighting upstairs in the dance hall. He thought for a moment and realized the carpenters hadn't even started on the work upstairs, so it couldn't be them. During this time, the elevator hadn't been installed nor had the outdoor staircases been constructed. The only way to reach the upstairs was through the original staircase. Kenny slowly made his way up the winding stairs and entered the dark dance hall. No one was there.


Don't take our word for it. These are just a few of the emails, letters and comments we have received from our patrons at Sengelmann Hall.

"We wanted to say THANKS..."

"...for helping make our wedding so great!!  Lance and I had an amazing day and we could not have done it without your help and constant communication!!  I truly appreciate every email and every phone call that you ... took the time to answer to help make me not turn into a bridezilla! ;)  I will be sure to send all the pics your way when I get them in and you are more than welcome to use us in more of your wedding brochures ;) --- Until then...THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN!  Hope yall are having a wonderful day in beautiful Schulenburg ;)
~Colleen and Lance Dean - (Wedding Reception May 7, 2011)

"Thanks again for everything this past weekend. We had a blast and everyone there had a great time." ~Thanks so much,  Jason Syrinek (February 4, 2012)

"We had a wonderful time at Sengelmann Hall. It's really a beautiful place, and a treasure that Schulenburg should be very proud of. The food and bar are both top-notch. I hope we get back there again soon. Bravo!" (Proud Houstonian, 2009)

"We made reservations for last Sunday for 25 people and everything was great. The food was very good, a lot of the family took advantage of the free polka instruction and the group loved the polka dance. We are planning another trip back on November 1st but will probably even bring more relatives and friends. We had family from San Antonio, Houston, Rockport and even Austin that came. We will be back!!! A++++++++"

"We're planning on regular date nights with y'all... Sengelmann Hall take us away!"

"I want the citizens of Schulenburg to take a moment and realize what Sengelmann Hall is bringing to our town!! Appreciate that this establishment not only is preserving history but is bringing in added revenue into our community. Thanks for putting Schulenburg back in the spotlight, for the great entertainment and for the business you bring to this community!"

"Went to Junior Brown opening weekend, hoop and hollerd and had a blast! Best time I had in Schulenburg since I lived here"

"Main Street in Schulenburg on a Saturday night was "a production." That was in the 1930s and '40s, before the arrival of TV. People strolled up and down Main, visiting bars, cafes and a movie house, and the barbershop stayed open until 10 p.m. And Sengelmann Hall was the place downtown."

Bob & Nita Seidenberger came into Sengelmann Hall Restaurant to reminisce about the hall they remember. In the 1940's, Nita who was 4 or 5 years old, mostly remembers coming into the saloon with her Father and seeing the spittoons on the floor. Now Bob, as a 12-14 year old, used to work at the Grocery across the alley and the older men would give him a dollar to go to the hall and retrieve a bucket of beer which they would then put in the grocery cooler and "sip" on it all day!!

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